How “Nick Bova Pittsburgh realtor” Helps First TIme Homebuyers

November 27, 2018

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Being a first-time homebuyer can be a tough position to be in. The process of buying a home can introduce a lot of confusion and stress for those who may not understand what it entails. The best way to decrease stress and eliminate the confusion is to enlist the help of a professional real estate agent. A real estate agent will help provide guidance and explain each step as the process moves forward. Here is how “Nick Bova Pittsburgh realtor” can help.

First Meeting

The first meeting with an agent will be one where they gather information. They will ask questions in their efforts to determine exactly what the buyer needs and wants. They will need to know what the budget is and preferred location. There will also be questions as to what type of home is desired. They will take that information and extract the listings based on criteria given to them. A realtor can also determine what type of financing could be available. There may be special financing options available through lenders.

Schedule Appointments and Showings

The real estate agent will be the “go between” their client and the agent for the seller. They will communicate directly with the sellers if there is no agent involved. They will set up appointments and showings for homes. and coordinate a plan for moving forward once a potential buyer has chosen a home. Once a decision is made on a home, the agent will begin the process of negotiating with the seller and their agent.

Dealing with Transaction Details

There is a lot of documentation required when buying a home. This process includes many things that each realtor must coordinate. They will have to make sure all inspections are completed. An appraisal of the property must be done. They will also keep in touch with the mortgage lender for status checks. They communicate with the seller and agent on a routine basis. This includes making any offers or counter offers.

The agent will draw up contracts, schedule closings, communicate with the title companies, meet with appraisers and inspectors, coordinate any repairs to the property, and communicate with all of everyone involved. Once all documentation is complete and the mortgage is officially approved, the realtor will attend closing with their client. One can expect a reputable agent to follow-up with the homebuyer once they are settled into their new home.