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March 16, 2019

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Ways of Finding A Good Bible Believing Church

There are so many churches and denominations that are available these days. In these churches, you will also be taught various kinds of theories. It is therefore not easy to find a Bible-believing church. Having a whole parking lot is not one of the things that you should consider when looking for a Bible-believing church. The list of events or how impressive it looks from the outside should also not be the convincing factor when looking for a good church. These days, you cannot trust a church by looking at it from the outside. There is also no guarantee that by attending a mega church you will be able to receive Bible-based teachings.

The best Bible teachings should be clear and concise. They should also be descriptive and easy to understand. Expository means the instructions that shed light on a specific verse of the Bible. The primary purpose of this is to make the verse easy to understand and to also avoid unnecessary complications. The work of a pastor is to provide explicit comments on the poems. Giving a precise meaning to what the original author was intending is what this means. This explanation should be easy to understand. It should also explain as to why and for reasons a specific verse was written, the background of the church and even the culture of the time.

The teachings that come straight from the Word of God are the most critical part of the message. Therefore, if the news they are teaching in your church is not from the Word of God then it could be a wrong one. There are two things that the Word of God should do: to afflict the comfortable, and also to provide support to the afflicted. It is very common to hear about wealth, and the prosperity gospel in many churches of these days. That is not the kind of church for you to become a member. The Word of God is not meant for just advising how to become wealthier but mainly to convict and convince.

Therefore, you can tell that a certain church is Bible-believing if they remain in the scriptures. The church you choose Should also not be the kind where the Old Testament is said to be irrelevant. A Bible-based church should also teach the Word of God to the little children. Bible studies are also necessary, and therefore the church you choose should have them. It should also be among the churches where members are advised by their pastor to read the Bible not just on Sunday but also throughout the week. Another way to tell if the church is Bible-based is if they reach out to the community.

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