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March 29, 2019

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How to Pick an Outstanding Trucking Company to Work for as Driver

Since its introduction, driving has proven itself to be vital at all times as a skill. Driving of chariots and wagons prove that driving has always been important even before vehicles came about. So being able to steer a vehicle properly has been in use then and is still useful today. Now, trucks are massive machines and driving them is at a whole new level. It is a skill that takes time to master fully but which harbors plenty of opportunities. Are you a newbie in the sector looking for work? Are you an experienced truck driver searching for new opportunities? So how exactly do you pick the right trucking company to work for? Well, sit back, relax and read this article.

For starters, evaluate the reputation the trucking firm has amassed over time. What emotions are evoked among former employees and clients once the company is mentioned? Go through their website and have a feel of what is there. Examine both good and bad reviews that the firm has gotten to help paint a picture of who you are dealing with. Engage friends in the truck driving industry who can shed further light on the trucking company you are looking at. The info you gather here can be fundamental in making a decision.

Again, the turnover rate at the trucking company is another vital point to look into. It is a mark of true prudence to inquire why the previous individual, chose to leave in the first place. If you are told they relocated or were promoted, then things are just fine. But if it is said they quit the profession or moved to another company in the vicinity, then your sixth sense should tell you that something isn’t right. High turnover rates will definitely point to a working environment with plenty of negativity.

Moreover, you can’t overlook what you are getting paid. After all, you are not working for free. In the trucking business, payment is based on distance. However, you might find cases where payment is hourly but often your experience will dictate this. So even before you get into the trade, find out the range of pay that exists in your potential employer’s company. Investigate issues of initial pay, scheduled pay raises, bonus pay and accessorial pay. You mileage pay can get that extra boost from bonus and accessorial pay.

Finally, you can’t overlook safety. With the massive weight of a speeding truck considered, the risks will always tend to be rather high. Therefore, it is best to work for a trucking company that makes safety a priority. The presence of insurance and having consistently serviced trucks is what I’m talking about.

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