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April 3, 2019

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How Human Touch can Impact on Alzheimer’s Patients
Looking after a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s can be hard and overwhelming. Since the disease is not curable, the treatment mainly involves maintaining a high quality of life. Despite the full support we offer, we often feel like our efforts are not leading to any significant change. However, there is one idea which can bring back joy to someone with Alzheimer and that is touch. Many research has shown the power associated with human touch. It is the first sense developed by fetus and infants. Despite some beliefs, touch tend to become more essential and powerful as people grow older. Here is how touch can impact on Alzheimer’s patients.
A hug from a loved one can put one on a happy mood and even protect him or her from infections. According to some research, hugging can effectively prevent illness in stressed people. Some of the top health benefits that come with touch are Improved pain, decreased blood pressure and lowered hear rates.
Communication channels can easily open through the power of touch. Alzheimer’s patients often suffer from the inability to connect with people. The more their language ability is affected, the more communication becomes a problem. Touch is considered a very powerful communication tool. It is an efficient channel for individuals to communicate their feelings.
Touch has the ability to reduce the effects of depression and anxiety. Individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s go through many lifestyle changes. This means that they end up relying on the people close to them to do their basic duties. They, therefore, end with a feeling of depression and anxiety. The research was once done to find out how therapeutic touch related to agitated behavior in people suffering from Alzheimer’s. The research found out that patients who received touch therapy twice a day were less agitated than the ones who did not. The reason behind this could be that touch releases a hormone known as oxytocin which is responsible or the feeling of well-being, trust and happiness. Massage has also been associated with the reduction of stress levels in the body.
The process of taking care of an Alzheimer’s patients has many aspects of physical touch involved. Such include tying shoes, cleaning up and even getting dressed. Going above essentials, providing a meaningful touch proves to be effective in fostering strong connections. In this case, you can choose to hug, massage, offer beauty treatments, touch the arms or ensure hand contact. However, it is important to mind the boundaries and ensure that the patient needs the touch.