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April 3, 2019

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What You Have to Know Regarding Paul Marciano

You may not know it but Paul Marciano is an American entrepreneur who has become much more popular for being one of Guess Jeans’ co-founders. However, his name became popular in the news when Kate Upton accused him of inappropriate behavior and such caused an impact to his corporation. These are some of the things which you may not know about Paul Marciano.

Paul Marciano was actually born in the town of Debdou and this is in the Oriental region of Morocco. Such town is interesting as it was considered to be a center of learning for such Moroccan Jews and it exported rabbis to the other Moroccan Jewish communities in the 19th century and also at the start of the 20th century. It is not anymore the case since a lot of the Moroccan Jewish population has spread out in the local towns when the French Protectorate was established.

Later, Paul Marciano then moved to the US along with his family. He made Guess Jeans along with his other three brothers. . Paul Marciano actually served as in charge of public relations as well as in marketing for the business. He then had the positions of both CEO and President but then he stepped down as CEO to become the Executive Chairman of the corporation. Currently, Marciano is the chief creative officer.

It was during the year 1981 that Guess was created by the Marciano brothers who left south of France to search for that American dream. This brand was inspired by the European influence and it was actually the Marciano brothers who redefined denim. The first design which they created was that stonewashed and also slim-fitting denim. Bloomingdale was actually the first department store that welcomed this brand and they ordered two dozens of such pair of jeans. In just hours, these were sold quickly. This was the start of the success story of the brand.

The black-and-white ads have actually won various Clio awards. This was run by the four Marciano brothers at first and the company now has the extension lines that are G by Guess and Marciano which are managed by Paul and Maurice.

Now, Guess is becoming a symbol of such sexy, young and also adventurous lifestyle. Guess has invited people to really dream through their advertising campaigns which transformed those faces which are not familiar into popular models. In 2004, the company have a retail concept which caters to a modern collection known as Marciano. The brand gives a fashion-forward collection for the fashionable men and women. Now, Guess is one global lifestyle brand.

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