Purple’s Second Generation of Mattresses Attracts Praise from Reviewers Online

January 14, 2019

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Internet-based mattress retailer Purple made plenty of waves with its original line of mattresses. Available in a number of distinct styles, these products reaped praise from reviewers because of the value and quality the options represented.

Not one to rest on its laurels, Purple has gone back to the drawing board to conceive and unleash an entirely new generation of mattresses. As those who head online for more info discover, these new products include quite a few impressive improvements and advances.

Building on a Strong, Comfortable Foundation

Many companies would have been content to keep selling a product as successful as the original Purple design. In the competitive arena of online mattress retailing, however, that could mean losing ground to competitors.

As a result, Purple decided to look into every possible means of improving on its original creation and assess all the associated possibilities. The second generation of Purple mattresses that has since followed includes improvements and new features like:

  • Coil springs. Memory foam is an impressive, versatile material for making mattresses, but it does have its weaknesses. Increasingly frequently, manufacturers that used to rely strictly on a combination of that type of foam with others have started to branch out. Most often, that means working in an entirely different mattress technology that has a much longer history. Purple has joined this growing group of mattress makers by adding a layer of coil springs to every member of its new generation of products.
  • Personalization. One of the things that mattress reviewers appreciated the most about the first generation of Purple products was that it was possible to choose from a number of options. Purple has taken this freedom of choice to the next level with its latest offerings by allowing buyers to swap in whichever of its Smart Comfort Grid layers they prefer.

Many More Updates and Upgrades

Coupled with equally satisfying improvements like the stretchier covers that keep the new Purple mattresses protected, advances like these are bound to attract the attention of even more buyers. Reviewers have certainly been impressed by how Purple has preserved everything that was appealing about its first line of products while still finding ways of enhancing them.