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January 14, 2019

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Why Restaurant or Bar Business Owners Need Insurance

Some restaurant and bar business owner think that the only thing important to their business is to provide good food and the best drinks to their customers. Some restaurant or bar business owners don’t know the liability risks that are involved in their business especially if there they have not experienced any untoward incidents yet. And if something happens in or to your business and you don’t have the proper insurance coverage, then you could be spending a lot of money or you could even lose everything that you have worked hard for.

If your restaurant or bar business is doing fine right now, you might not even consider that anything untoward can happen in your business that can lead to legal claims. But, the examples below are general examples of claims that have actually been filed against restaurants or bar business owners. These scenes can happen in any restaurant or bar so owners should take heed.

We make sure that our restaurants and bars are clean but a customer can slip and fall on your wet floors which can result in injuries. If the customers files a personal injury case against your restaurant, then you will be liable to pay thousands of dollars if you don’t have insurance.

People can injure themselves from the food that is served in your restaurant especially tooth injuries if food contains hard bones in it and the customer can file liability claims for this incident.

Careless waiters can cause a scene by spilling water or soda on customers’ things and if it happens to be a laptop and it gets ruined in the process, then you business is in for some legal issues. The customer can file for damages against the restaurant.

There are many situations when electric machines in your restaurant can cause a short circuit which can directly result in things catching fire. This fire can cost you’re a lot of money.

If your furniture breaks down, the customer sitting on it can get himself injured. You are liable to pay for the medical bills of the customer that got injured sitting on your damaged chair.

If there are brawlers in your beer garden, then can cause many things to upset. A fire can ensure if the brawlers hit you portable heated and it comes in contact with flammable materials. You will need a lot of money to have your beer garden fixed.

IF there is bad weather with strong winds and hail, then part of your bar roof can get damaged. IF there is heavy rainfall and your place gets flooded, then your bar floors will also get damaged. You will need roof repairs and you will incur business losses for the days that your bar is closed to the public.

So if you don’t have restaurant or bar insurance, then all these losses, expenses and labilities will all come from your own pocket.

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