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April 3, 2019

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List of the Celebrities Who are Best Dressed in 2019

Celebrities like to look good and when it comes to dressing to kill they have taken the mantle and soared high, the best dressed celebrities are not always the best paid celebrities but in the fashion world when you are celebrity, looking good surely helps.

One great character that we have grown to love as a result of her diverse roles in the acting field is Emma Watson, she has an incredible track record and she has played in the Hermione Granger and she is the face of Burberrys Springs Collection from 2010.

You can now see Emma Watson strutting her fashion stuff all over Elle magazine with her natural beauty and much more, her feminine style is refined and in every single photograph, you see her poise and see how stunning she looks whether she is rocking a signature pixie or long hair.

No one will forget the dress that Duchess Catherine sported on her big day in front of million people who were glued to watch her wedding but she is also known for her cute and outstanding dressing code ,people are always impressed by her dressing code and there are tons of websites that are dedicated to following what she wears.

When you have someone who has a petite look and is famous for dressing well, chances are that they will be picked to be brand ambassadors for Dior like Natalie Portman because there are a few petite people who are able to pull such a look like her.

Jennifer Aniston is always a style icon and she has appeared in the Movie Friends, when she steps out to the streets people are looking at what she is wearing because they want to look like her, layers are her go moves and she loves throwing scarfs on the go.

She knows which colors to pair and which are good for her fair skin and she is often seen wearing creams and pink and has a little black dress and she knows how to look smart and casual even when she is connecting with the energy nature of the plants.

Harry Styles is not only famous because of his works but he is a brand when it comes to what he wears, you will catch him wearing pantsuits and this lands him in the high fashion, he also loves his hats , beanie and tophats and all the fair game for this icon.

Lupita Nyongo has been taking the world of fashion by storm and will continue to do so as long as she continues to rock striking bold and beautiful colors which compliment well with her striking color and figure, her gowns are striking and powerful with sparkling jewels that add the bling factor.

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